Air Conditioning Brisbane & South East Queensland

air conditioning Brisbane
Air Conditioning Brisbane
Commercial air conditioning system
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Split system Condenser unit
Air conditioning Brisbane
Split system Condenser unit
air conditioning condenser units
air conditioning condenser unit

Why Choose Us

At Urban Air Solutions our fully qualified technicians are extremely reliable and trustworthy. We are experienced in servicing and installing heating, cooling & hot water systems. Our prices for servicing, air conditioning installation & repairs are the most affordable in Brisbane & South East Queensland.

Our staff are dedicated in supply our clients & customers with the best customer service experience. Paying high attention to detail and providing professional opinions and advice. Using advanced drafting tools for precision planning. We are building a reputation as one of the best HVAC(Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) companies in Queensland. 


Our residential services include installations, maintenance, repairs, servicing & sales. We can choose the right system for your home to suit your price and needs. Our staff install all types of refrigerated air conditioners. Which includes window / wall units, split systems / inverters, ducted reverse cycle systems and evaporation cooling systems. No job is too big or too small contact us today. We provide warranties for most of our work. We look forward to satisfying your needs.

Commercial / Industrial

We regularly undertake commercial / industrial tenders for construction companies where we provide full services. Which include installations, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical and mechanical services. Our employees field of expertise cover project management, engineer consultation, comprehensive maintenance, computerized drafting and design and commissioning of installs to nation standards. All of our projects are supported with in house accounting and independent auditing of accounts.

Cool Down with Urban Air Solutions

It is hot in Brisbane / Southeast Queensland and cooling is important for comfort and good health. It can be difficult to sleep when it’s to hot. Many people lose hours of sleep suffering through the heat. As cooling systems advance in technology air conditioning your home can be cheap compared to the past as systems are more efficient. Cooling your house using far less power than in the past. Urban Air Solutions can find the appropriate solution for your home or business. Get your free no obligation quote today. We will be delighted to advice you on the best options for air conditioning your Brisbane / Southeast Queensland establishment.


To learn all you need to know about ducted air conditioners click the link to visit the Canstar Blue article  “What is the best ducted air conditioner?”

air conditioning Brisbane


On a regular basis we work with building contractors in South East Queensland and Brisbane. We can provide our clients professional design and construction. We commonly negotiate on our projects.